8 Nisan 2009 Çarşamba

When it comes to making money with Adsense I don't tell Google what I'm relevant for in terms of content - I let Google tell me. If this is confusing then hear me out.

A week or two ago I wrote a couple of posts on the topic of payday loans . Now most of you would agree that a make money online blog has little relevance to Payday Loan sites. For the most part, this is true. I am in the midst of an experiment to see if I can't make the two relevant. Why I would want to do this and how it is done is the key for making money with Adsense.

A search engine isn't smart. It simply gathers as much information as it can and then presents it's findings in the order stipulated by the human brains that programmed it. It can't tell you who the greatest author in the English language is but it can tell you who others think the greatest author is. Most people who know what a dangling participle is would say Shakespeare. What does Google say?

Close but no cigar.

If Google was smart it would have got this right and it almost did but the fact that it was wrong highlights the priorities of the programmers and the limitations on how far you can tweak an algorithm.

You can learn much from this query.

Of all the keywords presented it chose "author" as the prime search term. Not "greatest" or "English".

It ranked the sites according to who has the most relevance to "Author" and then by which site has the most authority on the subject.

It chose time.com over the correct answer because it is more relevant to the term "author" and the time article covers authors from 1923 to present. Google defaults to a "most current" status when indexing pages and since I didn't specify "of all time" it decided that a list of authors from 1923 to present would be the more likely choice of what I wanted. Wrong - see it's dumb. You knew that I wanted to know who the all time greatest author was without specifying "all time". In fact "all time" is a given - if I was asking a person this question I would only specify a time period if I didn't want an "all time" answer. A brain can intuit a meaning from an incomplete array of words - a search engine can only sort words and attach a value to each one.

So what happens if I add "of all time" to the query?

The results are now worse as old Willy got knocked down a couple of pegs. Google has now decided that the prime keyword is "All Time Greatest" and presents a list of authors, novels, films and so on. Boy is it stupid.

But... this is good.

If you understand this then you can use it to rank well in the search engines - let me clarify that - you will rank well in Google. When I refer to search engines understand that I am only concerned with Google as that's where the money is.

There is a correlation between high page rankings and Adsense optimization. If you have one you have the other. To put it another way - if your pages are optimized for the best Adsense ads then you are also optimized for high search results and failure to capture them rests with the quality of your backlinks. I mention this for those of you who aren't interested in Adsense but do want to know how to target search engine traffic. For the most part the tweaks used to optimize your blog for Adsense also optimize your blog for the serp's so follow along if you will.

I said earlier that I let Google tell me what I am relevant to. I do this by writing huge rambling posts covering everything I can think of for a topic. In the process I use my prime keyword and as many related terms as I can while still keeping the post readable. Am I stuffing keywords - yes but not in a spammy way and always within limits.

If you go back and read my opening sentence and the first paragraph below it you will find I mention "making money", "Payday Loan" and "Adsense" twice each. I didn't force their use and the writing isn't dismal to read. ( It might be but that is only due to my deficiencies as a writer and not on purpose.)

Moreover I actually used the term "making money with Adsense" twice and I even got my blogs numero uno keyword "make money online" into the mix.


I used all three of todays keywords in my post Title and they will be in the tags (labels on blogger) at the end. I have also just used all the terms again in the preceding paragraph and I will probably fit them in again a few times before I am done with this post.

A human reading this post knows what it is about. Some guy is telling you how to optimize your blog for Adsense and search engine rankings. Google's little bot will know that this post has something to do with Adsense, Payday loans, SEO, Google, relevancy, search engines and a bunch of stuff I haven't thought of. By later today or tomorrow Google will tell me what it thinks this page is relevant to. I'll check my stats and see which keywords are used to bring visitors to my blog. Those keywords are what Google has pegged this page for.

After completing the first two "payday loan" posts I waited for the hit results to start showing up. Using notepad I keep track of what terms are used to find my loan posts. They were all long tail searches which I have listed below;

payday loan industry competition - rank is 20

cashadvancelinkdirectory.com - rank is 3

make money online with payday loans - rank is 4 and 5

make money with payday loans - rank is 3

emergency cash - loan - rank is 110

pay day loan reviews - rank is 16

loan money online - rank is 26

how much does payday loans make - rank is 4

Each term above was used at least twice by searchers and originated from different IP's. Terms that are really obscure are rarely used more than once and I ignore them when making my short list.

This list tells me that Google thinks my post(s) is relevant to these terms or it wouldn't have listed me for them. It only lists my post pages and not my home page. This tells me that Google hasn't listed my blog as relevant (or it has and it is so far down in the serps that I won't see it.) just a couple of pages are and only for some minor long tails. The one exception is the term "Emergency Cash Loans" which is one of the money making prime keywords related to Payday Loans. This is good as it gives me something to work with and serves as a barometer for how well I succeed. I will work at getting on page 1 from a starting position of page 11. As I see movement downward I will know my strategies are working.

The Game Plan for Payday Loans

I don't want to recap the whole concept of "latent semantic indexing' suffice to say that it is a method used by Google to determine relevance. In brief LSI can take your posts and determine what the subject matter is and how much of your post relates to the subject at hand. It also compares each post with your blog as a whole and can tell if the post is relevant to the rest of your site. My apologies if this is overly simplistic but it gets the main point across. This goes to the whole concept of why content is now king and not just backlinks when it comes to getting listed in Google.

To dominate the search engines you have to do four things.

1) Know what your blog is about. What are the handful of words that you can use to describe your blog most accurately? These words are your main keywords.

2) Each and every post that you write must contain some or all of these keywords regardless of the specific topic.

3) Each topic you write about should relate to your blogs overall theme or purpose. Each topic should ideally cover a "long tail" keyword related to your main keywords.

4) Know how to backlink.

I know most of you are aware of these factors but very few bloggers actually follow through on the specifics. If you comb through my blog you will find that just about every post has all my main keywords in it and each topic relates to a long tail.

My method is as simple and formulaic as it gets. Here it is,

My main goal is to rank number 1 on Google for "make money online". If you use a keyword search tool and query this term you will find a huge list of related terms as well. The related terms are my long tails. I target every relevant long tail I can find and try and dominate it in the listings - at least page 1 but ideally top spot. I am now on the first page in the serps for several dozen of these long tails and as each goal has been reached I keep getting closer to the first page of my prime keyword "make money online". I am currently 21 out of 150 million pages. I was 45 two weeks ago. (results will vary depending on your search region)

The point is this, Google also uses it's own results to determine how it ranks your blog. If you rank well for a hundred different but related terms then you will also rank well for the common denominator - the term that they are all related to.

I want to show you an example of this and it happens to be in my own niche.

In most regions a free blogspot blog sits atop the "make money online" search listings. This blog is called moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com and is remarkably only a PR3. How has this blog managed to do this considering most people have never heard of it or know anything about the author Alan Liew. If he is well known I don't see him mentioned much in my travels. You can't get through a day without someone mentioning John Chow or Darren Rowse. So what gives.

The fact is that this blog is ranked on the first page and usually in the top 3 spots for just about every long tail keyword related to making money online. You probably think so what - all the big names are. Well actually they aren't. Problogger and Dosh Dosh do show up fairly frequently in the top listings but that's about it for the A-listers. Carl Ocab's blog does show up everywhere and has gained him a front page listing for the main term.

Targeting one or two keywords may get you results for those keywords but they won't get you listed for related terms. Getting listed for lots of related terms will get you listed for the main term even if you didn't target it. The biggest mistake people make with SEO is to focus almost soley on a few main keywords and neglect the supporting cast. Wait - I know you have heard this before - long tails, long tails, and you are going to tell me you have written lots of posts related to long tails but you still don't rank well. If you have done all these things then all that is missing is knowing how to backlink.

Everything you Need to Know about Backlinks .

Backlinks are completely useless if you don't use them right. Period.

If you are a blogger involved in the social network scene then pay attention as this is such a common problem with most sites trying to increase readership. First off, the community is a great place to get backlinks. The "Social" crowd hands them out all the time. The problem is and forgive me for repeating myself - most of the links are useless. Everyday I read an article by someone who sends some link love out to others by way of a link. This is so nice and makes me all warm and fuzzy except that the link is always sent to "john" or "jane" - sorry generation gap - I mean sent to "Justin" or "Britney" and points to the home page.

The Home Page

Everyday "Britney" checks her links and says Wow! I have 200 backlinks now. Why isn't my site showing in the listings for my keywords "work at home mom and drug addict bimbo"? If her friends had used the preceding term in the link (anchor text) her blog would get listed but as is it's listed under "Britney". No one searching for drug addicted bimbo's would ever use the term Brit... wait that wasn't a good example. Well, you get my point.

Besides anchor text used there is the little problem of sending all your links to someone's homepage or vice versa - all your incoming links are to your homepage.

Yes, you might get a good PR for the homepage but this is almost as useless as all the "Britney" links. It will give your blog some authority when handing out link love but a PR5 that was gained from 200 "Britney" links still doesn't get your page indexed for your main keywords. Your PR authority stems from the terms used in your backlinks and the quality of the sites sending you the links. You will have PR authority for the term "Britney" and none for anything else.

If I send you a link using "make money online" in the anchor text then you will get a great link. If I use "work at home mom" as an anchor you will get some authority from me but not the full effect as I am not a PR authority for that term. If I use "Britney" then you get nothing from my PR5 because I am not a Britney authority and nobody is searching your site using that term anyways.

Now if your sites are not relevant your link doesn't do much good but still worth having. More is better than less as long as there are no bad neighbor links. If your sites are in any way relevant to each other then use links with the right keywords for the site you are linking to and then link to the actual page the post is on and not the homepage.

I want to show you something;

This is the current list of backlinks to this blog according to Google's Webmaster Tools. You will notice than only half my links point to my homepage and the rest are spread out to my post pages. In most cases the pages with the most links are on top of the serp's for the main keywords used in the post titles. If you get backlinks to your secondary pages they will get indexed on their own. Instead of just having your homepage listed for a few queries you want every page on your site listed and ranked high. These long tail listings bring you targeted traffic and promote your main page to the top of your main keyword.

How you get the right backlinks is a topic I have covered before but for those of you who share link love just ask the person linking to you if they wouldn't mind setting the link up properly - this will have a huge impact on your rankings and the terms you start ranking for.

I will get into more detail next time but to recap let's look at what you need to do to gain high page rankings in the serp's.

I am using the term Payday Loans as an example of what I do to target a keyword - in this case I am targeting it as a likely winner for adsense clicks. To get those clicks I need traffic looking for payday loans. To do this I have to convince Google that I have relevant posts and whats more, I have to convince them that my site as a whole is relevant.

So far this will make 3 posts in which I have introduced Payday Loans into this blog. I have used the main keyword in all three post titles and thrown in a number of related long tail loan keywords. I have also begun building backlinks to the payday loan pages (see above) using long tail keywords in the anchor text of the backlinks. I intend to target all the terms used in the search queries until I reach top ranking for each.

This is the list,

payday loan industry competition - rank is 20

cashadvancelinkdirectory.com - rank is 3

make money online with payday loans - rank is 4 and 5

make money with payday loans - rank is 3

emergency cash - loan - rank is 110

pay day loan reviews - rank is 16

loan money online - rank is 26

how much does payday loans make - rank is 4

In some cases I am almost at the top - some will take work.

How do I target these terms? I just have by listing them twice in this post. I will also send backlinks to these three "payday Loan" pages using these terms in the link.

Over a period of time I will keep introducing more relevant long tails as they appear in search queries and then target them as well. Eventually I will dominate each long tail and my site's relevancy for the main term will increase. Now some of you out there will be wondering about smart pricing and how I am going to get around the fact that this blog is not relevant to payday loans. I will discuss smart pricing when I get into the nitty gritty of adsense but in general if you have ads that aren't relevant to your site as a whole you will get the poorer converting and paying ads and will be penalized across all your ads. For now let me say this doesn't happen if you do what Google wants.

This brings me back to the beginning of this post. I said I don't tell Google what I'm relevant to - I let them tell me.

By only targeting or reinforcing keywords that Google has listed me for in the serp's I already know that Google deems me relevant. As more and more terms come up in the index I add them as targets. Sure I started things by throwing out a few general terms in my blog ie. Payday Loan, but I throw out hundreds of terms all the time. If Google decides to index me for a term who am I to say I'm not relevant.

Unlike most people I don't list out all the long tails and go after them. I only go after the ones Google gives me and as each is optimized a dozen more show up in the serp's until all the main keywords start popping up. I go after them in the order Google gives them to me and at each step Google is the one telling me I am relevant for each term. In as far a Adsense goes my pages are always relevant and optimized and smart pricing is not a factor.

OK this is long enough but one last thing for today.

Some of you are thinking it's easy for me to just go out and get backlinks to optimize my pages with. And you are right - I have a lot of resources at my disposal that a beginner doesn't. However I started this blog 11 months ago from scratch and had to do things the slow and hard way regarding backlinks. It does take work in the beginning but becomes easier as you go.

A couple of tricks

If you are starting out with a PR0 blog with no backlinks. Do This...

Figure out your main keyword and then write a series (10 or so)of huge posts about it. Don't worry how well it reads either - no one will read it. Just include every possible important keyword (will people search for it?) you can think of in every post. Use the keywords several times but make sure the main ones are in the post title, the first paragraph a couple of times and even bold them once for good measure. Use them again in your last paragraph. Make the posts looooooooooong! The longer they are the more terms you give Google to index you for.

Wait to get indexed or speed up the process by writing an article and submitting it to a high PR article directory, use squidoo or answer a question on Yahoo. The point is to get a link on a frequently crawled website which will send the Google bot your way. This will get you indexed fast. Do not submit your blog to Google - let them find you.

Do not monetize your blog in any way when starting out. I will speak more on this when I get to optimizing for adsense but for now don't do it.

Be patient. Eventually a few visitors will find your site. Whatever keywords they used to find you become your new long tail and the next post will highlight that term. Get a backlink or two using that term and point it at the page it is on - not the homepage.

Keep repeating this. You will build up ranking in lots of really low searched terms and this will lead to seeing your pages indexed in higher searched terms. As you target each new one you will keep ranking higher for all the relevant terms and eventually you can dominate an entire niche doing this.

Besides targeting your pages with relevant backlinks you can further optimize them by rewriting them. Huh?

I don't mean a full scale re-draft - just a few tweaks.

Simply add a few more related terms to your original post once you get a gist of what Google has ranked you for. If you got a couple of visitors for a term and it is listed on page two in the serp's you might be surprised at how many visitors you would get on page one. To do this change your original post title to include the search term that found you. Then add it a few more times in the first paragraph. Re-publish the post and watch what happens when you get crawled again.

Think of it this way. You got second page ranking for a long tail term that just happened to be in your post. Make it your title and reinforce it in your post and Google will rank it higher if for no other reason than it always ranks sites that use the search term in their title higher than sites who just happen to have it on the page somewhere.

If this doesn't get you to the top of the search results then use the term or variant again in the next post title and optimize the content in the article for it. Write as many posts as it takes to get the top spot. Enough content will get you there without a single backlink.

The more competition there is for a term the more content it will take and eventually you will need backlinks but when starting out simply go after all the less competitive terms and build them up one by one.

This is how you can create traffic and dominate the search engines as a beginner. In that vain I now have to add a little blurb about Emergency Cash Loans here at the bottom of this post as it will be the main keyword I will target for the time being in so far as my assault on the Payday Loan market goes. See how nicely I fit those into the last paragraph.

More to come,


Update Below

Follow along with me step by step as I show you how I pick a target and then optimize my blog in order to make money with Adsense.

I outline my "Payday Loans" experiment in sequential order below.

Nasıl SEO sizin Bloglar

For the past few weeks I have been discussing ways in which you can optimize your blogs for search engine traffic - primarily Google. Ben hangi arama motoru trafiği için - öncelikle Google'ın blog optimize edebilirsiniz yollarını tartışıyor olan son birkaç hafta için. This is called search engine optimization or SEO for short. Bu arama motoru optimizasyonu veya kısaca SEO denir. I have been targeting the keyword " Payday Loans " to show you the step by step methods I use to make money online. Sana para çevrimiçi yapmak için kullanabileceğiniz adım yöntemlerle adım göstermek için anahtar kelime "Payday Loans" hedeflemesi olmuştur.

Ultimately I will discuss how to further tweak your blogs in order to make money using Adsense but till now I have just been focusing on general techniques that everyone should use in order to draw search traffic to your blog. Sonuçta ben de sipariş karşılığı ancak Adsense kullanarak kadar şimdi sadece herkes sırayla blogunuza arama trafiği çekmek için kullanacağı genel teknikleri üzerinde yoğunlaştık olması için nasıl daha da bloglar iyi anlamak tartışacağız. Whether you are interested in Adsense or not you should still focus some attention on acquiring SE traffic - social traffic is great in so many ways but if you monetize your site you will need SE traffic to convert visitors to sales. İster AdSense veya ilgilenen hala SE trafik almadan bazı dikkat odaklanmalıdır değil - sosyal trafik çok yönden ama harika eğer satış ziyaretçileri dönüştürmek için SE trafik gerekir sitenize para.

Today I am going to jump around a bit as I want to clarify a few things that have popped up in my emails and comments. Bugün ben bu benim e-postalar ve yorumlar açıldı bir kaç şey açıklamak istiyorum biraz etrafında atlamak için gidiyorum.

Self Hosted Blogs, Blogspot and Wordpress Kendi Barındırma Blogs, Blogspot ve Wordpress

I still get - or I should say I am seeing more emails all the time wondering why I use a free Blogger blog on Blogspot. Hala elde - ya da ben her zaman merak neden Blogspot boş bir Blogger blogu kullanmak daha fazla e-posta görmeye pm diyebilirim. Invariably the assumption is that I don't know that "serious" marketers use their own domains. Değişmeden sayarak o "" pazarlamacılar ciddi kendi etki alanlarını kullandığını bilmek kalmamasıdır. I have also had several readers ask me about what type of blog they should use. Ben de birkaç okuyucuların oldu onlar kullanmalısınız blogunuzun ne tür bana sor.

I have answered the first question before but it's worth going over again. Ben ilk soruya cevap vermiş önce ama tekrar giderek değer. The whole point of this blog is to make money and show my readers how I do it. Bu blogun Bütün noktası karşılığı yapmak ve nasıl yapmak benim okuyucuların göstermeleridir. To that end I have focused my attention on beginners and I want to show them that you really can make money online and you don't have to spend money to do it. Bunun için yeni başlayanlar için benim ilgi odaklı ve Ben gerçekten karşılığı çevrimiçi yapabilirsiniz ve bunu yapmak için para harcamak zorunda değilsiniz onları göstermek istiyorum. Hence the free Blogger blog - I prefer to do it by example. Dolayısıyla serbest Blogger blogunuza - Ben örnek ile bunu yapmak için tercih ediyor. I have another reason for using Blogger as well; it has some distinct advantages over other blog platforms when it comes to making money with Adsense. Blogger'ın de kullanmak için bir nedeniniz varsa, o zaman Adsense ile para kazanmak için gelen diğer blogunuza platformlar üzerinde bir miktar farklı avantajlara sahiptir. I will get into this further when I turn my focus to Adsense. Bu daha fazla zaman AdSense için odak haline çevirmek olacaktır.

In regards to what platform is best I agree that having your own domain is the standard way to go if you are intent on making the A-list. Tabanından en Katılıyorum ne olduğu konusunda da kendi etki alanı eğer bir liste yapmak için niyet vardır gitmek için standart yol var. Web 2.0 is the new look and self hosted wordpress blogs are all the rage. Web 2.0, yeni görünüm ve öz WordPress bloglar barındırılan tüm öfke var. In general I find Blogger to be a great way for beginners to cut their teeth. Genel olarak Blogger'ın bir şekilde yeni başlayanlar için dişlerini kesmek olmak için çalışıyoruz. You can learn the ins and outs about blogging without spending money and it is incredibly easy to use. Sen bütün ayrıntıları para harcamaya gerek kalmadan bloglama hakkında bilgi edinmek ve bu inanılmaz kullanımı kolaydır. A free Wordpress blog is really not a good idea as it is next to impossible to monetize it. Ücretsiz Wordpress blogunuzu gerçekten iyi bir fikir olarak bu paraya imkansız yanında. For a good synopsis of the differences between these platforms see Blogs: Self Hosting vs Free Hosting by Terry Didcott. Bu platformlar arasındaki farkları iyi bir özet için Bloglar bakın: Kendi Barındırma Terry Didcott tarafından ücretsiz barındırma Vs.

Some of you that already have an A-list style blog have been asking me if it can be optimized for Adsense. Eğer AdSense için optimize edilebilir soran edilmiştir Bazılarınız daha önce A-list stil blog. It can but to really go after Adsense properly you will end up losing your aesthetic appeal. Bu, gerçekten Adsense sonra düzgün size estetik itiraz kaybetme kadar sona erecek gitmek olabilir. The fact is the best performing Adsense sites aren't pretty. Aslında en iyi performans gösteren AdSense siteleri değil güzel olduğunu. You have to set up the site in such a way as to capitalize clicks or you won't make enough to bother with it. Olarak tıklama çıkar veya daha rahatsız yeterli girmiyoruz şekilde site kurmak gerekir. In the simplest terms you have to display the ugly and in your face ad block just like I have above the fold on this blog. Benim gibi çirkin ve yüz reklam bloğu görüntülemek için en basit olarak bu blog üst kısmında var. To make any serious money you will have to do the same - most of you don't want that on your "nice" blogs so I suggest starting a new blog specifically aimed at Adsense and just tweak your A-list blogs in order to capture search engine traffic. Bu sizin "" güzel bloglar ben ve yeni bir blog özellikle Adsense amaçlı başlamak öneririz için yakalamak için sadece bir liste bloglar çimdik istemiyorsanız size - size en aynısını yapacağınızdan hiçbir ciddi para kazanmak için arama motoru trafiği. If you are monetizing with paid ads then you'll need the SE visitors. Eğer SE ziyaretçiler gerekir ücretli reklamları ile kazanç vardır.

One question I was asked was, "Why is search engine traffic better for making money than social traffic?". Arama motoru trafik sosyal trafik daha para kazanmak için daha iyi bir ben istendi soru, "Neden?".

The obvious answer is because social traffic is comprised of internet marketers for the most part and they don't typically click ads or buy stuff. Çünkü sosyal trafik İnternet pazarlamacıları en kısmından oluşur ve bunlar genellikle tıklayın reklamları ya da şeyler satın açık cevabıdır. Perhaps the better answer is to skip ahead in my Payday Loan lessons and actually show you a completed campaign where I set out to target a keyword in order to rank high on Google's listings and how I have made money from it. Belki de daha iyi cevap öncesinde benim Payday Kredi derse atlamak için ve aslında tamamlanan kampanya nerede için Google'ın listelemelerde yüksek ve sıralama için nasıl para yaptığınız bir anahtar kelime hedef için belirlenen bir gösteriyor.

In January I wrote a review of a program I had tried out called "Project Payday". Ocak ayında ben dışarı "denir denemişti bir program bir inceleme yazıldı Proje Payday". The program deals with making money by buying and selling referrals on IFW's (incentivized freebie websites). Satın alma ve satış IFW's (incentivized freebie web sitelerinde tavsiye para yapma programı ile ilgilidir). While there are things I don't like about the program (the type of work mostly - boring) the end result is that it is a legitimate way of earning some money online. While there Ben program çalışma çoğunlukla bir (türü - sıkıcı) Sonuç hakkında don't like şey var bu para çevrimiçi kazanç yasal bir yol değildir. It actually works which is something you can't say to often online. Gerçekte hangi sıklıkla online can't say something çalışır. At the time I suspected this might get popular but in truth I was only guessing. Bu şüpheli zamanında almak popüler olabilir ama gerçekte sadece tahmin oldu. Shortly after I posted the review someone linked to me from the whydowork forum citing my post in regards to a question some one had asked. Kısa bir süre sonra inceleme biri bana için whydowork forumda benim yazı göstererek bağlantı bazı bir sorular vardı bir soruya ilişkin olarak yayınlanmıştır. Before long there was a steady stream of visitors coming to my blog because of that link. Önce uzun bir ziyaretçi sürekli akışı bağlantısı nedeniyle Blog için geliyordum. They weren't making me any money but it led me to believe that there was interest in the program. Beni herhangi bir para kazanmak, ama bunun nedeni program ilgi inanıyorsanız beni itti. I decided to target the keyword for Google to see if there was interest in the non IM world. Ben görmek için Google için anahtar kelime hedef kararı varsa olmayan Sohbet Dünya ilgi oldu.

To do this I wrote several more articles optimized for the keyword "Project Payday" as well as for all the relevant long tail terms. Bu bir kaç başka makaleler anahtar kelime "Payday Projesi" gibi tüm ilgili uzun kuyruk koşulları için optimize yazıldı yapmak için. I then submitted some to article directories to get some optimized links back to my posts. O zaman geri mesajlar için optimize bağlantılar içinde biraz makalede dizinleri sundu. I managed to climb to 5 and 6 on Google's index and haven't bothered going any higher - I don't need to. 5 ve 6 için Google dizininden katılmak ve yönetilen daha yüksek olacak rahatsız değil - Ben gerek yoktur.

Look at the screenshot below; Aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsü bak;

With the exception of the Project Payday site all the top results point to my blog - the answer on Yahoo Answers has a link to me and of course the whydowork forum has the link I mentioned earlier. Tüm sonuçları üst noktası benim blogunuza - Yahoo Yanıtlar ilgili cevabını bana bir bağlantı ve elbette whydowork forumu Önceden de bahsettiğim gibi bağlantıyı has Proje Payday sitenin hariç. Aside from those going directly to the Project Payday site I get most of the search traffic for that term. Bir yana, bu doğrudan o dönem için arama trafiği en iyi Proje Payday Siteye girmek gelen. In fact Google tells me in webmaster tools that I get 61% of all the people searching for the term. Aslında Google web yöneticisi araçları içinde bütün insanlar terim ararken 61% elde söylüyor. I was able to generate a lot of backlinks in the beginning using articles that other's published on their sites - each article had a link using the anchor text "project payday" or "project payday review" and it didn't take long to get to 5th on the serp. Ben başından makaleler diğer kullanarak geri bir sürü oluşturmak için kendi sitelerinde yayınlanan başardı - her makalenin bir bağlantı "projesi Payday" veya "projesi Payday incelemesi" için çapa metin kullanarak ve uzun ulaşmak için çekmek didn't bu serp 5. Remember when you target a term that has little to no competition you can rank well with no backlinks at all if you have enough relevant content. Unutmayın siz eğer, yeterince içerik olarak size de hiç geri sıralaması ile hiçbir rekabet çok az olan bir dönem hedef. If there is a bit of competition you can overcome it with a few decent backlinks - you usually don't need many. Eğer rekabet birkaç iyi geri ile üstesinden bir parçasıdır - genellikle çok gerek yoktur. How many others were seriously targeting my term? Nasıl ciddiye benim terim hedefleme birçok mi? Probably only a few at most and how hard would they work at it? Muhtemelen bir çoğu ve birkaç nasıl zor bunu çalışıyorum ki? Not that hard - I had only 2-3 links and was a PR0 at the time I landed 5th spot. Bildiğim kadarıyla sabit - sadece 2-3 bağlantıları vardı ve ben 5. nokta iniş anında bir PR0 oldu.

I want to interrupt the flow for a second and deal with some confusion over the issue of backlinks vs content. I akışını kesmek istiyorsanız ikinci ve başa geri Vs içerik konu üzerinde biraz kafa karışıklığı ile. One of my readers left a comment the other day that addresses this concern... Benim okuyucuların bu endişe adresleri geçen gün bir yorum ...

Jasa said... Jasa dedi ki ...

ok i just had information overload for two things. tamam ben sadece iki şey için bilgi aşırı vardı. Both related to SEO though. Her iki SEO'ya ancak ilgili. Thought you might be able to clarify. Kesin açıklamak mümkün olabilir.

Brad Callen, the creator of SEO elite wrote in his huge Ebook, that the important part in SEO is the off page optimization (though on page is still important but not as important). Brad Callen, SEO elit ve onun yaratıcısı büyük ebook için, SEO olarak önemli bölümü kapalı sayfa iyileştirmedir (ancak sayfa hala önemlidir ama önemli değil) yazdı. Which basically refers to backlinking. Hangi temelde backlinking gösterir.

On the other hand, your experiments are starting to show that its more the other way round. On the other hand, denemelerinizin göstermeye başlayan bu onun daha tam tersidir.

Hmm, do you mind clarifying on this? Hmm, bu üzerinde açıkladığınız sakıncası var mı? Thx! Thx! :) :)

My personal thoughts are that off page optimization are important to get crawled and ranked well in G's index but on page is the one that gets you on the page(SERPs) that you want. Benim kişisel düşüncelerini o sayfa optimizasyon kurtulmak taranamadı için önemlidir ve iyi G dizinine sıralanır ama sayfasında bir sayfa (SERPs) üzerinde istediğiniz size olur ise. Is that true to any extent? Herhangi bir ölçüde doğru mu?

Notwithstanding the fact that Brad Callen is selling a product designed to get backlinks it is not surprising that he would push for their importance. Ancak Brad Callen ürünü elde etmek için tasarlanmış satmaktadır rağmen bu onların önemini için baskı da şaşırtıcı değil geri. In truth he is right to a certain extent but not in every circumstance. Aslında her durumda belirli bir ölçüde değil için haklı. The easiest way to explain this is to think in terms of competition. Bunu açıklamak için en kolay yolu, rekabet açısından düşünmek içindir.

If two blogs write a post on the same topic Google will rank them in order of relevance, backlinks, PR and then by a host of other measures like age, monetization, purpose (is one selling the product and the other not?), Video (does on offer more choices for the reader) and so on. İki blog, Google, ilgi derecesine göre onları sıralaması da aynı konu hakkında bir yazı yazmak, yaş, para gibi diğer tedbirler göre geri, PR ve ardından amaçlı (bir ürün ve satış, diğer olmasın?), Video (Daha fazla seçenek üzerinde okuyucuya yapar) ve benzerleri.

I have mentioned this before but take a look at the top ten sites on most search queries and you can see a pattern. Daha önce bu sözü ancak çoğu arama sorgularında ilk on sitelere bir göz atın ve bir model görebilirsiniz.

Google does not just list the ten sites with the highest PR on any given topic.They strive to give the reader choices. Google sadece herhangi bir topic.They en yüksek PR ile on siteler listesi olmayan okuyucu seçenekleri vermek için çalışıyoruz. If a reader wants to know what others think about a particular product then Google will present them with a list of the top sites reviewing the product. Bir okuyucu diğerleri bir ürün hakkında daha sonra Google, en iyi sitelerde ürünü incelerken bir listesi ile sunacak ne düşündüğünüzü bilmek istiyor. If all the sites are selling the product then Google will drop some and find the most relevant site that isn't and include it in the list - higher than it would normally have ranked. Tüm siteler sonra Google'ın bazı düşmesi ve bu değildir ve listesine dahil en alakalı sitesi - daha yüksek bulmak normal sıralamaya sahip olacak ürün satıyoruz. If there is a video available on another site not listed then it will get bumped up as well. Eğer bir video başka bir siteye daha sonra iyi bumped olacaktır listelenmiyorsa kullanılabilir. If there is a non monetized site that is relevant it will also get bumped up. Bir sigara bu kadar da bumped alacak ilgili site paraya olduğunu. Google presents a list of what it thinks is most relevant to your search - if you want a review of something then you don't just want sites selling the product - you probably want to hear other opinions about it or maybe see a video or find out what a site that isn't monetized and has nothing to gain from the review might have to say. Bunu belki de bir video görmek veya bulmak için Google ne düşünüyor bir listesini sunar en arama alakalı - Eğer sadece sitelerinde ürün satmak istediğiniz bir şey var o zaman bir incelemek isterseniz - muhtemelen diğer görüşlerini dinlemek istiyorum dışında bir site paraya değildir ve inceleme kazanmak için söylemek olabilir yok.

Of course different queries will get different results but Google tries to read your "intent" when compiling it's index. Elbette farklı sorgular farklı sonuçlar elde edeceksiniz Google bu dizin derlemek için "niyet" okumak için çalışır. To this end they do not just present PR (read backlinks) dominant sites. Onlar sadece mevcut PR don't Bu amaçla () egemen sitelere geri okuyun. They present the most relevant (read content) first even if it has less PR than 20 others. Onlar en alakalı (içerik) bile daha az ilk PR 20 diğerleri okumak sunuyoruz. PR does not play a factor until competition increases to a point that all other factors are equal. PR rekabeti artırır kadar bir nokta, bütün diğer faktörlerin eşit bir faktör oynatmayacaktr. In general you will need a higher PR to rank better than another site that is equal to you in all other aspects. Size tüm diğer yönleri de eşit ise, başka bir siteye daha iyi sıralaması için daha yüksek bir PR gerekir Genel olarak.

To sum this up you need content first and then backlinks. Ve sonra içerik ilk ihtiyacınız kadar bu miktar için geri. Without the content optimized for the right keywords you can have all the PR you want and not get listed well. Içerik tüm PR ve iyi listelenen almak istediğiniz gibi, sağ anahtar kelimeler için optimize olmadan. In truth you use both in tandem to dominate the serp's but backlinks are not as important until you are up against stiff competition. Gerçeği olarak iki kişilik bisiklet hem de hakim için kullandığınız serp, ancak geri kadar önemli değil, siz kadar sert rekabete karşı uygulanır.

The interesting thing is that you can make money without going after highly competitive terms and this brings me back to the Project Payday example. Ilginç bir şey bu yüksek rekabet şartları sonra gidiyoruz ve bu proje Payday örnek bana geri getirir para kazanmak olabilir. My review didn't include an affiliate link and this had several consequences. Benim inceleme bağlı bir bağlantı ve bu birkaç sonuçları vardı yer almıyordu. Instead of trying to sell Project Payday I explained what the system was about and gave my readers a bunch of links and instructions that they could use to get started without paying the membership to Project Payday. Bunun yerine ben sistem hakkında ve okuyucuların bağlantılar ve bu kullanabilirsiniz talimatları bir grup verdi Proje Payday için üyelik ödemeden ne başlamak olduğunu belirtti Proje Payday satmaya çalışmakla. This curried favor with lot's of readers and soon a number of sites were linking to me and telling their readers to check me out regarding Project Payday. Çok okuyucunun ve yakında sitelerin bir sayı ile bu curried iyilik bana bağlayan ve Proje Payday ilgili çıkışı beni kontrol etmek için okuyucularına söylüyorum. Traffic started coming from both the whydowork forum and from other blogs and soon I was getting 100-200 visitors a day. Trafik de whydowork forumu ve diğer bloglar ve yakında gelen Ben 100-200 ziyaretçi günde elde oldu başladı. Some of you are probably wondering why I didn't have an affiliate link and the reason was simple; my traffic was comprised of internet marketers and they wouldn't have used my link anyways. I was after Adsense clicks and that's why I wanted to rank well on Google.

The end result is that there is now barely a trickle of traffic coming from whydowork which never converted to Adsense clicks as the thread has grown cold. But, no sooner did I get ranked on the front page on the serp's than traffic started rolling in from the general public and this blog started making Adsense revenue. Ten months later I still get lots of daily traffic and on top of it all Project Payday recently started paying for leads which has meant more earnings for me.

This screenshot shows my earnings from sending leads to Project Payday

This is a prime example of how a small blog can make money in less competitive niches. I have targeted lots of other keywords as well; "Roadmap to Riches", "Two Minute profits", "Yahoo Answers" etc and even well known Guru names - basically anything that I think people will search for in sufficient quantities to click my ads. Remember also that in the process of optimizing my pages for the serps for these terms I have also optimized my pages for the best Adsense ads as well. When someone visits me looking for info on my new keyword "Payday Loans" I will have payday loan ads on my page for them to click as soon as they realize that I am not what they were looking for.

I just took a screenshot of the last half hours worth of traffic to my site according to my statcounter. Check it out,

These are all the recent terms people have used to find my site and the search engine they used. Every term on that list has been optimized for and I didn't just get the traffic by luck. (You'll notice that I am already getting traffic for Payday Loans and I just started that Campaign) Because most of my traffic is search related I know that everyday I will make about $10 with Adsense per 100 SE visitors. This ratio varies from site to site on my network but after 11 months this seems to be the norm for this blog. My goal is simple - increase my search traffic by adding new keywords to this blog and by tweaking my existing keywords so that they reach top billing.

The importance of the top search listing.

I mentioned previously that I have a blog that makes about half of all my Adsense Income by itself. It is in the Fishing niche but only arm's length. It regularly makes $60 - $80 a day in Adsense and I have had some incredible 4 digit affiliate sales days as well. I first came across the main keyword by accident - I had used the term a few times in a post that was loosely related and Google picked it up and sent me traffic. I didn't think much about it but soon noticed that there was a steady if small stream of traffic coming daily. I checked my rank and saw I was listed on page two of the serps.

Here is a big tip - if you start getting steady traffic for any term not listed on the first page of the serp's then you might want to tweak it. This usually tells you the demand is decent. I tweaked my post and wrote a couple of more that highlighted the keyword and within a day I was in 6th spot. Traffic tripled and on top of it Google placed some ideal ads on my page. Overnight I went from a $2 a day Adsense site to $15 a day site. All this took was a couple of new posts and no backlinks. Like an idiot I stopped tweaking and walked around with a smug grin on my face thinking how clever I was. I was an idiot because two months later the traffic hadn't died off but had actually increased and it wasn't until then that I wondered just how much traffic the number 1 position got. I tweaked away and this time had to round up a posse of backlinks but I got to number 1 and now I make $80 a day on a good day. Money I could have been making for the two months I thought I was so clever. I guess I am trying to tell you not to stop until you reach number 1.

This in a nutshell is how you drive search engine traffic to your site. Whether you use Adsense or not - you still need traffic from Google. It doesn't matter what your blog is about - you can and should concentrate on optimizing your posts so that you highlight all the terms that are relevant to you and then tweak those that you receive traffic for. As you build up these keywords your search traffic will steadily increase. As this increases you will notice that your blog will see more clicks and sign ups. More traffic more money - it's not rocket science.

On a parting note I have been asked about optimizing for yahoo and other engines. I used to spend time with my websites trying to go after the Yahoo and MSN market but haven't bothered with my blogs. The main reason is part lazy and part cautious. Yahoo and others still attach relevance to Meta Tags which Google ignores. Blogger doesn't use Meta Tags (go figure - Google owns Blogger) so there would be work involved in modifying the template to include them and aside from being lazy I am worried that this might bugger up Google's love of the Blogger template. I alluded to this earlier but one of the things I like about Blogger is that it is perfectly optimized for Google and Adsense. A blogger blog is easy for a bot to read and categorize. I will discuss this more in future.

Having said that I would encourage wordpress users to definately go after Yahoo et al, but Google is still the priority. They easily send the most traffic so don't appease Yahoo by sacrificing Google. I should point out that since each has it's own priorities you can lower your ranking on one engine by trying to raise it on another. If you don't know what you are doing best to just target Google.

I will be updating my progress with "Payday Loans" next post for those that have been following along and getting into more details on how to fine tune your on page optimization.

Until then,

Let's Make Money

Birden çok e-posta Vic yöntemleri hakkında ve ne Bence bunlar hakkında ve neden farklı şeyler yapmak ile inundated edilmiştir benim okuyuculara Blogger'a Unleashed tanitmaya beri. The email below best sums up most of the questions asked; En iyi meblağlar soruları çoğu kadar aşağıdaki e-posta sordu;

Hey Grizz, Hey Grizz,

I have been reading your blog for a while now and read Vic's blog like you suggested and I have a few questions. Bir süre artık blogunuzda okuma edilmiş ve sizin gibi Vicgünlüğü okumak önerdi ve ben bir kaç soru var. His little trick to get indexed instantly is really cool but it only works for terms that no one will ever search for. Onun küçük hile anında hoş bir dizine almak için sadece terimleri için kimse için araştıracağı çalışır. How does this help make money online? Bu nasıl yardım karşılığı çevrimiçi mü? I notice your system involves getting a link from a PR site to get indexed right away - why do you do it that way? Ben sistemi fark bir PR siteden link almak hemen dizine almak için içerir - Neden böyle yapıyorsun? And finally how do we use this info to our advantage meaning making money? Ve sonunda nasıl bizim avantaj anlamı para kazanmak için bu bilgi kullanılır? Also sorry so many questions Vic's Adsense site is a lot different than the way you do it - which is better? Ayrıca üzgünüm çok Vic AdSense sitesi çok, bunu yapmak gibi farklı - daha iyi olduğu bir çok soru? Thanks so much for your help and sorry to keep bugging you. Yardımınız ve üzgünüm çok teşekkür ederiz bugging sizi korumak için.

Adam Adam

In regards to doing things differently keep in mind that there is no one way to do anything - we use different methods depending on our targeted audience and what our niche is and what we are monetizing. Olarak farklı düşünce o bir şey yapmak için hiç bir şekilde saklanması şeyin konusunda - bizim hedef kitle ve ne mihrabı ve ne kazanç olduğunu göre farklı yöntemler kullanır.

Adam is right - Vic's trick to get indexed instantly works for terms that no one searches for - so how does this help? Adam haklı - Vic's hile anında dizine almak için koşulları için herhangi bir arama - Bunu nasıl yardımcı olur musun? The point he was making wasn't for getting traffic it was to show you how to just get indexed. O çıkıyordu nokta değil sadece dizine nasıl alacağınızı size göstermek için olduğu trafik almak için. Once you are indexed then you can start adding keyword targeted content that will then be crawled and indexed as well. Sonra o sonra taranamadı ve de dizine anahtar kelime hedefli içerik ekleyerek başlayabilirsiniz endekslidir. This simply allows you to start building indexed content right away and having the chance to start getting traffic without fear of being sandboxed by Google. Bu sadece uzak dizine içerik sağ bina başlatmak ve sahip olma şansını korkusu olmadan elde trafiği başlatmak için Google tarafından sandboxed olmak sağlar.

Now I said this gives you a chance at getting traffic sooner. Şimdi, bu sizi elde trafik erken bir şansa sahip olduğunu söyledi. If you add competitive keywords to your site you will get indexed for those terms but most likely you'll be listed deep in the serp bowels. Eğer bu şartları ancak en derin ve serp bağırsakları listelenen duyarız olasılıkla endeksli olacaktır sitenize rekabetçi anahtar kelimeler ekleyin. This is why I have said to go and submit your link on a high ranking PR site like Squidoo, Yahoo Answers, Propeller etc. If you add this extra step then you can skip the never searched for keyword that Vic uses and insert your main keyword in your anchor text thereby getting a high PR link to your site which in effect states that you are an authority for your main keyword. Bu yüzden gidip Squidoo Yahoo Answers, Pervane gibi üst düzey PR sitedeki bağlantı göndermek söyledi var vs Eğer anahtar kelime için arama asla atlamak bu fazladan adım sonra eklemek bu Vic kullandığı ve ana anahtar kelime eklemek sizin çapa metin dolayısıyla da etkisi devletler bu sizin asıl anahtar kelime için bir yetki Sitenizin yüksek bir PR bağlantı var. This will get you listed higher up in the serp's and for a term that is actually searched for. Bu kadar yüksek bir serp ve bir dönem için bu gerçekten için arandığında listelenen alacak. It will also get a brand new site indexed in short order - maybe not in minutes like Vic's example but usually within a few hours. Bu da ancak birkaç saat içinde, genellikle yeni bir siteyi hemen - belki değil Vic's örnekte olduğu gibi dakikada dizine alacak. High PR sites are crawled several times a day by the Google bot and your link will be found on the next crawl. Yüksek PR siteleri birkaç kez bir gün Google Bot ve bağlantı ile sonraki taramamızın üzerinde olacak taranamadı vardır. Sometimes you will get lucky and get indexed in a few minutes. Bazen şanslı olan bir kaç dakika sonra dizine alın.

If you are targeting niche traffic and you do not have a lot of competition using a high PR third party will often land you on page 1 of the serp's for your keyword and you are in business - targeted traffic will start showing up on the same day that you started a brand new blog. Eğer mihrabı trafik hedefleme ve genellikle serp anahtar kelime için sayfa 1 üzerinde kara bir yüksek PR üçüncü kullanarak rekabet çok yoksa ve iş bulunmaktadır - trafik aynı gün görünüyor başlar hedefli Bir marka yeni blog başladı. If you don't hit page 1 then competition is rated by how far back in the serp's your PR5 link landed you. Eğer rekabet ne kadar ileri geri serp your PR5 bağlantı sizi indi notlandırılan sayfa 1 isabet yoktur. If you are on page 2 you will only need a couple of more high PR links to get to page 1. Eğer 2. sayfada sadece sayfa 1 ulaşmak için daha yüksek PR bağlantıları bir çift gerekir bulunmaktadır. If you are on page 10 then you are going to need a lot more links and more importantly a lot more keyword rich content. Eğer daha fazla bağlantı ve daha da önemlisi çok daha fazla anahtar kelime zengin içeriği çok ihtiyacımız olacak sayfa 10 üzerinde bulunmaktadır.

I use this method for starting new white hat blogs that I intend to nurture into long term money makers. Yeni beyaz şapka bloglar ben uzun vadede karşılığı yapımcıları olarak yetiştirmek istiyorsanız başlamak için bu yöntemi kullanın.

Adam mentioned Vic's Adsense Blog was different than mine. Adam benim daha farklıydı Vic's AdSense Blog bahsettiniz. I assume he means Vic's Bu.bulicio.us site compared to this blog. Sanırım bu blogu göre Vic's Bu.bulicio.us sitesi demektir varsayıyorum.

There are several methods for making money with Adsense and this is 1 of them. İşte Adsense ile para kazanmak için çeşitli yöntemler vardır ve bu 1 bunları biridir. Vic's site is what I call a full out assault - produce tons of keyword rich content and get tons of traffic. Vic's sitenin saldırı tam dışarı dir - Anahtar kelime zengin içerik ton üretmek ve trafik ton alıyorum. This method is probably the surest way to make a lot of money with Adsense and I'll explain why. Bu yöntem, büyük olasılıkla AdSense ile para yapmak ve neden açıklamak edeceğiniz surest yoludur.

Vic is trading off CPC for CTR, in other words he knows that every 1000 visitors he gets he will make a steady income. Vic TO için, başka bir deyişle o bilir yılında TBM dışı ticaret olduğunu o da bir gelir sağlayacaktır alır her 1000 ziyaretçi. If he makes $10 per 1000 visitors then increase your visitors to 20,000 a day and you will earn a good income. Eğer sonra 20000 bir gün ziyaretçilerinizin artırmak ve iyi bir gelir kazanacağım 10 $ 1000 ziyaretçi başına yapar. And - I can hear you thinking - how the heck do you get 20,000 people a day to your site? Ve - Sana düşünme duyuyorum - ne halt size 20.000 kişi sitenizi bir gün yapılacak?

You do what Vic does - he writes tons of new, unique, and keyword specific content and here is the secret, he writes about current events - new stuff that has little to no competition and is being actively searched for by thousands of people. Sen Vic ne ne yapar - o ve burada, farklı, yeni ve anahtar kelime özel içerik ton yazdıkları gizli olduğunu ve hiçbir rekabet çok az var aktif için araştırılır ilgili güncel olaylar - Yeni şeyler yazıyor binlerce insan tarafından.

Go make some money now . Şimdi biraz para kazanmak gidin.

Maybe the best way to learn this is to just do it. Bunu öğrenmek için belki de en iyi yolu onu yapmak.

Vic uses one site to generate a lot of content on a lot of different topics. Vic farklı konularda bir çok içerik bir sürü oluşturmak için bir site kullanır. I use lots of blogs centered on one topic each. Ben blogları bir konu, her merkezli birçok kullanın. Both systems work but I do things my way as I am a lot lazier than Vic. Her iki sistemin çalışır ama ben Vic daha çok lazier ben şey benim yolum var. I really admire Vic - he posts a lot - huge amounts actually and I wish I had the drive he does. Gerçekten hayran Vic - O çok - çok miktarda mesajlar aslında ben de öyle sürücü olmasını dilerdim. I don't though so I look for ways of making money with the least amount of work. Ben de bu kadar işimin en az miktar para yapmanın yollarını arıyoruz yapmak. I am going to show you a blog of mine that exemplifies crap - it is ugly, devoid of any meaningful content, amateurish and looks like I spent a good 2 minutes designing it which I did. Sana benim o bok exemplifies Blog göstermek için gidiyorum - bu, herhangi bir içerik anlamlı yoksun, amatörce çirkin ve bakar gibi ben yaptım bu tasarımı iyi bir 2 saat geçirdim. It also makes me a daily income and nobody anywhere could have done less work or designed a poorer looking site than this. Ayrıca bana bir gün gelir ve hiç kimse hiçbir yere daha az iş yapmış olabilir veya dizayn yapan bir yoksul görünümlü daha sitesi.

Do any of you remember Antonella Barba? Sizden mı Antonella Barba hatırlıyor musun? She was the bombshell who had all sorts of racy photos leaked last year as she was competing for American Idol. O American Idol için rekabet olduğunu O kim açık saçık fotoğraflar her türlü vardı bomba geçen yıl sızdırılmış oldu. Do you know how popular American idol is? Ne kadar popüler Amerikan idolü olduğunu biliyor musunuz? Do you realize how many teenage boys spend their days looking for n*de pictures of female celebrities? Ne kadar çok genç çocuklar farkında mısın n için kadın ünlü bir * DE fotoğraf arıyor kendi gün geçirmek?

Lie and lie some more. Yalan ve biraz daha yalan.

I hate showing you a seedier side of making money online but it's out there and it works. Seni ancak karşılığı çevrimiçi yaparken bir seedier tarafı gösteren nefret de var ve çalışmaktadır.

Here is a blog I put together last March called celebrityn*dephotos.blogspot.com. İşte birlikte son Mart koymak blogunuza celebrityn * dephotos.blogspot.com denir. Don't worry there are no n*de photos - Google will ban your Adsense account if you post n*dity so never do it - just lie and say you have the photos. Eğer yazı N * dity de bunu asla * DE fotoğrafları - Google AdSense hesabınızı yasağı hiçbir n - sadece yalan ve Fotoğrafları şeylerdi endişelenmeyin. I built the blog along with others to post stories about whoever was hot in Technorati Tags at the time. Başkalarıyla birlikte kim Technorati Etiketler anda sıcak hakkında hikayeler göndermek için birlikte blog kurdu.

Check the stats on the bottom of the blog. Blogun alt kısmındaki istatistikleri kontrol edin. Over 31,000 hits since March. Mart beri 31.000 isabetleri fazla. The blog only has 14 posts - all crap and scraped with a little editing. Blog sadece 14 mesaj var - tüm kitap ve küçük bir düzenleme ile scraped. Must have spent a good minute on each post. Her yazının iyi bir dakika geçirdim olmalı.

Here are some of yesterdays stats for the keywords used on Google to find this site. Burada anahtar kelimeleri Google'da bu sitede bulmak için kullanılan bazı istatistikleri geçmiş bulunmaktadır.

(Click images to enlarge) (Resimleri büyütmek için tıklayın)

If you search for "Kelly Pickler N*de" this is what Google will return; Arayabilmenizi "Kelly Pickler N * de" bu Google ne dönecek olursa;

On any given day 100-200 people search for "Kelly Pickler N*de". Herhangi bir gün için 100-200 kişinin arama "Kelly Pickler N * de".

You'll notice I don't have Adsense on the site. Benim sitede Adsense yoksa fark edeceksiniz. This is because the ads generated by this niche are all low paying $.01 - $.03 per click ads. Bunun nedeni, reklamları bu mihrabı tarafından üretilen tüm düşük ödeme $ ,01 - $ ,03 tıklayın reklamları başına. Using Adsense I only earned $2-$3 a day but I was smart priced which meant that all my Adsense sites became smart priced. AdSense kullanarak sadece 2 $ Kazanılan - $ 3 günde ancak akıllı hangi tüm AdSense siteleri fiyatlı akıllı oldu anlamına fiyatlandırılır.

Important : If any of your Adsense pages becomes smart priced it effects all your Adsense pages - even those on different sites. Önemli: Herhangi bir AdSense sayfalarınızın tüm AdSense sayfalarını etkiler fiyatlı akıllı olur - hatta bu farklı sitelerde. This means that your best Adsense sites will suffer lower CPC as a result of 1 poorly optimized site. Bu, en iyi Adsense siteleri 1 bir sonucu olarak kötü sitesi en düşük TBM zarar anlamına gelir. Only use Adsense when you can provide highly optimized content which initiates highly optimized Adsense ads. Sadece yüksek oranda çok AdSense reklamları optimize başlattığı içeriği optimize sağlayabilir Adsense kullanın. If you ever get public service ads or the "blogging" ads then you are being smart priced and my advice is to pull Adsense off the blog immediately or all your other sites will suffer lower earnings. Eğer o zaman fiyat ve tavsiyeler akıllı olan kamu hizmeti reklamları veya "blog" reklamları almak blog kapalı hemen veya tüm diğer siteler düşük kazanç sahip olacak Adsense çekmek içindir.

I have used ROI rocket ads for the site as well as fake ads which lead to affiliate pages and outright affiliate links. Ben sitenin yanı sıra bağlı sayfalar ve salt bağlı bağlantılar yol sahte reklamları için ROI roket reklamları kullandık. The types of visitors to the blog don't give a damn about affiliate links and will never substitute their own - they don't know what an affiliate link is. Bloga ziyaretçi çeşitleri ve bağlı kuruluş bağlantıları hakkında takmak değil kendi yerini hiçbir zaman - bir ortaklık bağlantısı ne olduğunu bilmiyorum. They just want nude pictures and when they can't find any on my site they start clicking ads. Sadece ve çıplak resimleri istediğiniz zaman onlar reklamlarını tıklayarak başlatmak benim sitede herhangi bir bulamıyor. I have found that teenage boys are easily hooked on the idea of making money online. Bu genç çocuklar kolayca karşılığı çevrimiçi yapma fikri bağımlısı olduğunu bulmuşlardır.

Are you ready for the best part? En iyi bölümü için hazır mısınız?

This crappy stupid blog that took maybe an entire hour of my life to create and then totally ignore (only 1 post since May) makes about $30 a day in affiliate sales and /or lead generation fees. Bu belki de oluşturmak ve sonra da tamamen Mayıs'tan bu yana (sadece 1 mesaj) görmezden hayatımın bütün bir saat sürdü Bu boktan aptal günlüğü hakkında $ 30 ortaklık satış bir gün yapar ve / veya kuşak ücretini getirir. Everyday one or two visitors buy something... Her gün bir ya da iki ziyaretçi şey satın ... everyday... günlük ... day in day out... günlük çıkışı ... I do nothing. Hiçbir şey yapmak. This is how I like making money online. Bu nasıl para çevrimiçi yapmak gibi.

I have over 100 of these types of blogs. 100 bloglar bu tür üzerinde var. All Blogger blogs that cost nothing and were set up in minutes. Tüm Blogger bloglar bu hiçbir maliyeti yoktur ve dakikada kuruludur. All the content is scraped but re-edited to be original. Tüm içerik ancak scraped ise yeniden özgün olarak düzenlenebilir. The only other work I do is muster up a few links to get top spot in the indexes and with most topics that get hot there isn't a lot of competition. Sadece ben indexler üst noktaya ulaşmak için ve sıcak bir rekabetin çok değil almak en konu ile birkaç bağlantı kadar yoklama yaptıklarınızdan iş başka.

If you want to try this just pay attention to what is happening around you - here is a small list of some of my best producing blog subjects this year. Bu sadece sizin civarında oluyor dikkat denemek istiyorsanız - burada en iyi bu yıl günlüğü konular üreten küçük bir listesi.

Virginia Tech Massacre, Antonella Barba, Kelly Pickler, Mel Gibson, Britney, Paris, OJ, iPhone, Eva Mendez, Joost, Sanjiya Malakar, Stephen Colbert and the list goes on... Virginia Tech Katliamı, Antonella Barba, Kelly Pickler, Mel Gibson, Britney, Paris, OJ, iPhone, Eva Mendez, Joost, Sanjiya Malakar, Stephen Colbert ve liste uzayıp gidiyor ...

Now here is the reason Blogger kicks ass - if you are fast you can usually create a brand new blog with your subject or keyword in your url. Şimdi, burada, Blogger kıç başladı nedeni budur - Eğer hızlı bir genellikle konu veya anahtar kelime URL'sinde bir marka Yeni bir blog oluşturabilir. On any given day someone gets the media spotlight and people will search for info about the person or event. Herhangi bir gün biri On kişi veya olay hakkında bilgi aramak olan medya spot ve insanlar var. There is little competition on a new story so if you are quick and manage to get a blog setup fast then you will see traffic. Yeni bir hikaye üzerinde çok az rekabet eğer çabuk ve hızlı sonra trafik göreceksiniz bir blog kurulumu için yönetmek olduğunu. Once you have the traffc you have to figure out how best to monetize it. Siz bu paraya en iyi nasıl çözmek zorunda traffc var. Sometimes Adsense works best, sometimes affiliate links and sometimes you use the blog to redirect people to a different site (bait and switch). Bazen Adsense en iyi, bazen bağlı bağlantılar ve bazen de farklı bir siteye insanlar yönlendirme.Bu blog kullanımı çalışıyor (yem ve geçiş).

When Antonella Barba hit the scene I was getting about 20,000 hits a day to each blog I had created about her. Ne zaman Antonella Barba Ben 20000 isabet onun hakkında oluşturulan vardı her blogunuza bir gün hakkında elde edilen sahne çarptı. (I had 6 blogs - you don't need to just create 1). (6 bloglar vardı - sadece 1 oluşturmak için) gerek yoktur. For the first week each blog made between $50-$90 a day in Adsense - not bad but I was dissapointed because I was getting over 100,000 visitors daily and only making $300 bucks. Her blogu arasında yapılan ilk hafta için $ 50 - $ 90 Adsense bir gün - kötü değil, çünkü 100.000 ziyaretçi günlük ve elde yalnızca 300 $ dolar yaparken ben kirilmis oldu. That really isn't very good for 100,000 people. Bu çok 100.000 insanlar için iyi değil Gerçekten. The second week I dropped the Adsense and created a bunch of fake ads - "Click here for a free Antonella nude Calender". İkinci hafta AdSense düştü ve sahte reklamlar bir grup oluşturuldu - "Buraya tıklayarak ücretsiz Antonella çıplak Takvim için". One link took the visitor to a sales page for Free Music Downloads. Bir bağlantı Özgür Müzik Dosyalar için bir satış sayfasına ziyaretçi aldı. Another link directed people to an affiliate page for Acne remedies. Başka bir bağlantı bağlı bir sayfaya Acne ilaçlar insanlar için yönlendirilir. Remember who my visitors were - teenage boys. Onları ziyaret edildi - genç erkek unutmayın.

I made over $15,000 in commissions over the next two weeks until Antonella was booted off American Idol and people forgot about her. Kadar Antonella American Idol kapalı açılmış ve insanlar onu unuttum ben 15.000 $ üzerinden komisyon, önümüzdeki iki hafta içinde yapılır. Kelly Pickler hasn't been forgotten it seems and unlike most of these blog blitzes she still makes me money. Kelly Pickler ve görünüyor unuttun mu henüz o hala bana para yapar bu blogu blitzes birçok farklı.

Note: Antonella was a goldmine and I don't want you thinking you will get the same results - that was the best two weeks of my entire online career - her popularity was an oddity that hasn't been matched since. Not: Antonella altınmadeni ve ben size aynı sonuçları elde edeceksiniz düşünme istemiyorum - bu benim tüm çevrimiçi kariyerinin en iyi iki hafta oldu - Onu popülerlik bu yana eşlemeli henüz bir gariplik oldu. If I can get 1000 visitors a day I'm happy. Eğer ben mutluyum 1000 ziyaretçi günde alabilirsiniz. These blogs are usually only short term and die when interest drops off. Bu bloglar genellikle sadece kısa vadeli ve faiz dışı düşer ölürsün. Some prove to be more long term like the Pickler blog - 100-200 people a day. Bazı Pickler günlüğü gibi daha uzun süreli - 100-200 kişi bir gün kanıtlıyor. You make small amounts multiplied by the number of blogs you set up. Bunlar küçük miktarlar kurmak bloglar sayısının çarpımına olun. Over time it all starts to add up but don't expect unrealistic numbers from any one blog. Tüm ekleyebilirsiniz ancak başlar herhangi bir blog'daki gerçekçi numaraları sanmıyoruz Zaman. The more you experiment though, the more chance you have of finding the next "hot" subject. O kadar çok deneme olsa da, bir sonraki "" tabi sıcak bulma varsa o kadar fazladır.

Yes this is deceptive, scummy, deceitful and exploitative but it is what marketing is all about. Evet bu, pis, yalancı, aldatıcı ve exploitative ama pazarlama hakkında ne olduğudur. I have said this before - if you want to make money online you will have to examine your own ethics at some point. Ben bundan önce söyledi - Eğer bir noktada kendi etik incelemek gerekir karşılığı çevrimiçi yapmak istiyorum. I'm not proud of these tactics but I am online to make money and I will do what it takes short of hurting someone. Bu taktik gurur değilim ama para kazanmak için online ve bunu birisi zarar kısa sürer ne yapacağız. You will have to make your own decision on how far you want to go. Sen ne kadar gitmek istiyorsan kendi karar vermek zorunda kalacak.

Oh... Oh ... I just checked the stats on Kelly for the past hour as I wrote this post. Ben bu yazı yazıldı Sadece geçen saat için Kelly ilgili istatistikleri kontrol.

Sex, Celebs and misery always has an audience folks. Cinsiyet, Celebs ve sefalet her zaman bir halk kitlesi vardır.

One last thing and I have said this countless times before - quit creating "make money online" or "how to blog" blogs. Son bir şey ve ben bu sayısız kere önce - "karşılığı çevrimiçi" veya oluştururken çıkın "nasıl" bloglar blog söylediler. I have this site for only one reason - to see if my SEO is good enough to take top position for the term "make money online" and not because I thought there was lots of money to be made in this niche - there really isn't. Ben sadece bir nedenle bu site var - çünkü bu para çok bu mihrabı yapılabilir olduğunu düşündüm Eğer SEO yeterince terim "yapmak para online üst sırada tutmak için" değil, iyi olup olmadığını görmek için - bu gerçekten değil ' t. Think about this - I made $47 yesterday with this blog which takes up a lot of my time and the throw away Kelly Pickler blog made 2 affiliate sales for $40 and I don't do a damn thing with it. Bunu düşün - Bu blogu benim için çok fazla zaman almaktadır ve uzak 40 $ 2 bağlı satış yaptı ve bunu bir lanet şey yoktur Kelly Pickler blogunuza atmak ile 47 $ dün yaptı.

Spend your time wisely and stop and think like a marketer. Akıllıca zaman geçirin ve durdurmak ve bir pazarlamacı gibi düşünün. What are people interested in right this second, how do I attract them and what are they likely to buy. Insanlar bu saniyede, nasıl ve çekmek ne de satın alma olasılığı nedir ilgilendi. I have discussed how to target and rank well for keywords at length previously and now use that knowledge to start targeting the "Right" keywords. Nasıl hedef ve ayrıntılarıyla anahtar kelimeler için daha önce sırası ve "doğru" anahtar kelimeleri hedeflemeyi başlatmak için bu bilgi kullanımı tartışılmıştır var. When you combine these two lessons you will start seeing the money. Ne zaman size para görmeye başlayacağım bu iki ders birleştirir.

Till next time, Gelecek sefer, Till